Facts about Jaguars – Their Role in the Wild

In America, the largest cat is the jaguar. This comes with a compact body. It also goes with powerful jaws and even a really broad head. It is usually recognized because of its tan and yellow coat. However, do not get this wrong. There are instances when the color of jaguars varies. It may range from reddish, to brown and then black. All of these may be possible. As for their coat, it goes with a spot. It may be solid and even black on their head. There are instances when it may be larger. It resembles a rosette-shape. The patterns are very evident in the side and even back of their whole body. These are the common facts about jaguars.


Ever since, jaguars are perceived as top-level carnivores. These big cats have the ability to prevent vegetation because they can keep the population of their prey in harmonious balance. Jaguars are also perceived crucial part of the human culture because they have a central role to play in prayers, songs and stories which are all relevant to the lives of indigenous people. Even if that is the case, it is surprising to know that these jaguars were already eliminated in the United States.

When it comes to the diet of jaguars, they are into eating snakes, deer, crocodiles, peccary, sloths, deer, monkeys, frogs, eggs, fish or anything that they may catch. This is how flexible they can be. When it comes to population, there are 15,000 jaguars that are still seen in the wild. There are efforts in the Bi-national conservation which were seen successful. This was directed towards the protection of the small population of the said specie. It varied from 80 to 120 cats. This involved the mountains of Sonora, Mexico which were the border of Arizona. This population was said to be the largest. This was known to be remaining in the Sonora. This was perceived to be the last hope of the recovery of the jaguar in the US.

The mighty jaguar got to revolve around the Argentina. This is situated in South America. This also directed in the Grand Canyon just in Arizona. Today, there is no sign of jaguar seen in the US. Today, it is still perceived as endangered species. This was also seen in Patagonia right there in South America. Since then, the jaguar makes sure to find a home in the wide. Their habitats are of great number. These are rainforests, swamps, deciduous forests, mountain scrub areas and also pampas grasslands.

Jaguars have always been solitary animals in nature. They could live and even hunt alone without any company. However, this does not occur during the mating season. There is a range in the home depending upon the gender of the jaguar. Most of the time, these jaguars hunt from the ground. There were instances when they would climb pounces and trees too. They make this possible with their sharp teeth. That is how they usually survive.