Treatment of Fatigue in Autoimmune Diseases

Causes of Fatigue in People with Autoimmune Diseases

Various factors can contribute to fatigue in autoimmune patients:

  • Direct effects of autoimmune disease
  • Indirect effects of autoimmune disease (e.g. depression, malabsorption, poor sleep)
  • Other, undiagnosed autoimmune conditions (e.g. hypothyroidism)
  • Medications and other treatments

Sleep disturbances, including sleep apnea, are common in many autoimmune diseases.

Stimulants for Fatigue

Caffeine or energy drinks are not a good choice for boosting alertness or reducing fatigue, as tolerance to their effects develops very quickly. Sometimes stimulant prescription drugs like amphetamines and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) may be a better choice. In one small study methylphenidate was found effective for fatigue caused by sarcoidosis.

Modafinil (Provigil) is a new stimulant often used for chronic fatigue, especially in multiple sclerosis. Amantadine (Symmetrel) used to be prescribed for fatigue especially in MS, but because of its side effects is no longer commonly used.

Some antidepressant drugs can act as stimulants and are used for this purpose, such as bupropion (Wellbutrin).

Other Medications

Treating the underlying disease can alleviate fatigue, at least if the right drugs are chosen. E.g. in multiple sclerosis glatiramer acetatet (Copaxone) has been found to reduce fatigue. Many MS patients have reported medical marijuana reducing fatigue.

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a treatment for all kinds of autoimmune diseases. It regulates immune function and also reduces inflammation via the toll-like receptor 4 (TLR-4). LDN is inexpensive and rarely causes side effects. Most LDN users report significant improvement in fatigue.

Many people with Addison’s disease are not getting replaced with the adrenal hormone DHEA. In some studies adding DHEA has improved fatigue in Addison’s disease. Low DHEA levels have also been found in multiple sclerosis. However, studies of DHEA for Sjögren’s syndrome have shown no benefit.

Buspirone (Buspar) is a medication for anxiety which some doctors have used as a treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis.


Carnitine is a popular supplement for fatigue, especially in multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). It is also used for cancer fatigue and several studies have found it highly effective in reducing both physical and mental fatigue and cognitive problems in the elderly. In one study L-carnitine helped reduce fatigue caused by Celiac disease.

Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC or ALCAR) is thought to be more effective than normal L-carnitine, but there are also other types of carnitine supplements, such as propionylcarnitine and L-carnitine fumarate, which is supposed to be particularly energizing.

Other Supplements

Lipoic acid is another supplement especially favoured by multiple sclerosis and CFS/ME patients. R lipoic acid may be a better form than alpha lipoic acid. Lipoic acid is thought to work particularly well in combination with acetyl-L-carnitine.

Adaptogenic herbs like ginseng and rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea, also known as golden root, roseroot and arctic root) have been shown to increase energy levels, but they have not been tested specifically in autoimmune patients. Ginkgo biloba may be helpful for fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis.

People with autoimmune diseases are often deficient in vitamin D. In lupus low vitamin D levels have been associated with more fatigue and vitamin D supplementation appears to reduce it. Large doses of vitamin B12 can reduce fatigue and tiredness even in healthy people, even if there is no deficiency of it.

Other supplements that may ameliorate fatigue include green tea/EGCG, creatine, pycnogenol, resveratrol and coenzyme Q10.

Medications Causing Fatigue

Many medications used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases can cause fatigue, lethargy, weakness or drowsiness. Interferons are particularly notorious for this and it is also common with sulfasalazine. In one study lupus patients using hydroxychloroquine were found to have more fatigue than those using other treatments.

Many symptomatic treatments may also cause fatigue, including:

  • Many antidepressants (especially tricyclic antidepressants)
  • Antipsychotic drugs (also used for sleep, depression and anxiety)
  • Many anticonvulsants (including Lyrica and Neurontin)
  • Narcotic painkillers (opioids)
  • Antihistamines
  • Muscle relaxants/drugs for spasticity (e.g. tizanidine)

Some medications can indirectly cause fatigue by depleting the body of certain vitamins or other nutrients. This includes e.g. many anticonvulsants and some immunomodulators. Statins, used in the treatment of high cholesterol and sometimes autoimmunity, reduce blood levels of coenzyme Q10.

Other Treatments

Studies show exercise is very helpful in relieving fatigue in many different autoimmune diseases. Some studies have found that yoga alleviates fatigue in multiple sclerosis, while in others it has helped some other symptoms, but not fatigue. Mindfulness training also appears to reduce fatigue in MS.

Take a Tour Inside Peyton Manning’s House in Denver, Colorado

Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning’s house was bought at $4.5 million dollars, so you can just imagine how opulent the inside would be. Judging from the façade of his mansion, you will be in for an eye-popping surprise when you see how the interior looks. The house looks very homey, with well-manicured plants and trees surrounding the property. The mansion sits on 16,000 square feet, and with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The whole property is within 3.3 acres of land.
Peyton Manning’s House

The driveway looks like something out of a medieval castle, where you will drive into a courtyard into the main entrance of the home.

Peyton Manning’s House

The living room boasts of a fireplace and cozy couches and a grand piano. Various conversation pieces also dot the room.
Peyton Manning’s House

The open kitchen and dining areas make it easy to move around, and with the counter dead smack in the center gives a more spacious feel to the kitchen.
Peyton Manning’s House

Another sitting room has a different style, but there is also a fireplace but an added television makes this the most used sitting room. It also leads to the kitchen and dining room.
Peyton Manning’s House

The shower room comes equipped with a sitting area and clear glass doors. It must be a treat to take a shower here.
Peyton Manning’s House

This walk-in closet has a classic feel to it, with wooden cabinets and glass doors to make it easier to locate clothes and accessories.
Peyton Manning’s House

What rich person doesn’t have a home office? The wood details provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the room.
Peyton Manning’s House

There are just a lot of wine slots in this cellar! You can just walk in this room and take a pick of the wine of your choice.
Peyton Manning’s House

There is just a lot of open space in the yard where kids can run around and play. This makes it a perfect place for parties.

Peyton Manning’s House

There is a formal dining room away from the kitchen. Guests can have a sumptuous meal and a hearty conversation while admiring the interiors of this room.

Iggy Azalea Before and After Pictures Hint She Has Undergone More Plastic Surgeries Than She Tells

Iggy Azalea is a rapper who was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly in Sydney, Australia on June 7, 1990. The 26-year old Work and Fancy singer went to the US in 2006 to pursue her music career and released her full-length mix tape in 2011. Azalea was open about the plastic surgery that she had on her nose and breasts. However, some Iggy Azalea before and after photos hint that she might have had more surgeries than that.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

This picture of a young Iggy Azalea resembles a bit of how she looks like today, although you may not be able to tell if you didn’t know early on that it was her.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

This was how the Australian rapper looked like when she hit the US music scene and released her debut album The New Classic.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

As Iggy Azalea evolved to be a popular name in the music business, her looks gradually started to change too, and it was evident on her photos.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

She admitted to having Rhinoplasty, which she did to fix the bump on her nose. The bump was caused by being hit by a soccer ball.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

She also admitted to having breast implants, which she said she was happy about. She was more confident that she had fuller boobs.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

She even thanked and greeted her surgeon, Dr. Ghavami, on his birthday on her Instagram account saying she owed him her “fabulous nose and breasts”.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

Although she didn’t mention anything about having her jaw and chin done, on these two side-by-side images, her jaw and chin looked squarer than the pointier one today.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

Her lips were not that thin before, but they still look fuller at the present time, suggesting that she must have had lip injections.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

Her fuller hips and thighs are getting attention too. While she had always been curvaceous before, these features are obviously bigger now.

Iggy Azalea Before and After

Azalea’s booty was also drawing attention as it was also bigger than it used to look as shown on the images above.

Facts about Jaguars – Their Role in the Wild

In America, the largest cat is the jaguar. This comes with a compact body. It also goes with powerful jaws and even a really broad head. It is usually recognized because of its tan and yellow coat. However, do not get this wrong. There are instances when the color of jaguars varies. It may range from reddish, to brown and then black. All of these may be possible. As for their coat, it goes with a spot. It may be solid and even black on their head. There are instances when it may be larger. It resembles a rosette-shape. The patterns are very evident in the side and even back of their whole body. These are the common facts about jaguars.


Ever since, jaguars are perceived as top-level carnivores. These big cats have the ability to prevent vegetation because they can keep the population of their prey in harmonious balance. Jaguars are also perceived crucial part of the human culture because they have a central role to play in prayers, songs and stories which are all relevant to the lives of indigenous people. Even if that is the case, it is surprising to know that these jaguars were already eliminated in the United States.

When it comes to the diet of jaguars, they are into eating snakes, deer, crocodiles, peccary, sloths, deer, monkeys, frogs, eggs, fish or anything that they may catch. This is how flexible they can be. When it comes to population, there are 15,000 jaguars that are still seen in the wild. There are efforts in the Bi-national conservation which were seen successful. This was directed towards the protection of the small population of the said specie. It varied from 80 to 120 cats. This involved the mountains of Sonora, Mexico which were the border of Arizona. This population was said to be the largest. This was known to be remaining in the Sonora. This was perceived to be the last hope of the recovery of the jaguar in the US.

The mighty jaguar got to revolve around the Argentina. This is situated in South America. This also directed in the Grand Canyon just in Arizona. Today, there is no sign of jaguar seen in the US. Today, it is still perceived as endangered species. This was also seen in Patagonia right there in South America. Since then, the jaguar makes sure to find a home in the wide. Their habitats are of great number. These are rainforests, swamps, deciduous forests, mountain scrub areas and also pampas grasslands.

Jaguars have always been solitary animals in nature. They could live and even hunt alone without any company. However, this does not occur during the mating season. There is a range in the home depending upon the gender of the jaguar. Most of the time, these jaguars hunt from the ground. There were instances when they would climb pounces and trees too. They make this possible with their sharp teeth. That is how they usually survive.

Adult Acne: A Skincare Mystery

Over 14 million Americans are suffering with this skin disorder and most of them are not aware of it. What is it? Rosacea, a little known facial skin disorder that can cause psychological, social and occupational problems if left untreated. It is a skin disease that causes redness in the face and pimples that appear on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. If left untreated, it can get worse.

What Causes Rosacea?

The exact cause of this disorder isn’t really known, but it is believed that rosacea may be a blood disorder where the blood vessels become damaged repeatedly due to a dilation caused by a stimuli.

Rosacea appears to have a hereditary component and individuals who happen to be fair-skinned and of Celtic or European ancestry have a higher genetic disposition in developing it. Although rosacea is more common in women it is more severe in men when they develop it. Rosacea can develop at any age and time; however, people appear to develop it between the ages of 30 to 50. It is said that the first signs of rosacea happen to be a persistent redness due to exercise, changes in the temperature, and facial cleansing. Triggers that cause an episode include strenuous exercise, episodes of flushing and blushing, exposure to extreme temperatures, heat from sunlight, sunburns, stress, some medications and topical irritants, anxiety, cold wind, moving from one temperature to another, some foods and beverages containing caffeine, foods high in histamines and spicy foods.

Remédios_caseiros_para_acne.jpg (770×470)


Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea is associated with permanent redness and the tendency to blush easily. Having blood vessels near the surface of the skin is also common with burning and itching sensations.

Papulopustular rosacea is easily confused with acne because of the small bumps on the skin that has permanent redness and pus.

Phymatous rosacea is associated with rhinophyma, an enlarged nose. Some of the symptoms present include a thickening skin, nodules that are irregular. The chin, forehead, cheeks, eyelids, and ears are also affected. There may also be a presence of small blood vessels visible near the surface of the skin.

Ocular rosacea is when the eyes and eye lids are red, dry and irritated. A foreign sensation of the body and a presence of itching and burning may also exist.

There have been complaints from sufferers of rosacea of a decrease in the quality of life because of the cosmetic disfigurement and painful burning sensations associated with this skin disorder.


Treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the subtype, quality of life, and severity. It is highly important to have a gentle skin cleansing regimen that includes non-irritant cleansers. Ensuring that our skin is protected from the sun is crucial, so the daily use of a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 with a physical blocker of such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is advised.

The Truth about Camel Spiders Fibers

 Camel spider may terrify people sometimes. It is described as a ferocious-looking, tan, large, and hairy spider that is always a part of most urban legends. The creature may be relatively large. However, do not take that as creepy because it will never be half the size of a person. Most of the camel spider facts available around the place would say that the spider has this habit of dining on most of the stomachs of camel. It ca n also do the same for soldiers sleeping.

These camel spiders belong to the family of arachnids. They cannot be seen though as plain spiders. They can be unique. This was stated by an entomologist in the name of Christy Bills. He has a collection of invertebrates. He is also working as the manager of the Utah Museum of Natural History. He also added that there are other people out there who assign the given spider with such fierce characteristic. This is the case because of the appearance it goes along with. However, there is no truth to that because the spiders cannot in any way, do some disembowel on most camels. This is contrary to common beliefs. They also cannot just jump whenever they want in the hair or even run after some humans if they want to. Once they are held captive, they can be a real diva. They will also require accommodations usually given to a princess in order to survive. This is for certain.

All of the spiders are considered arachnids. Do not get this wrong though because not all of these arachnids are spiders. That is the main difference of it. There is this other name in the form of wind scorpion. It goes in the same case. Even if it has that term, it can never be a scorpion. This camel spider is known to be the order of the Solifugae. This is the Latin word for anything that flies off the sun. This is information provided and given by the NSF or National Science Foundation. There are species of this, 150 of them  and this goes together with a thousand of solifuges species. This is stated by the IT IS or the Taxonomic Information System.

camel-spider-bite-size1.jpg (577×315)

When it comes to its appearance – the camel may come with ten legs. But then there are claims saying that they only have eight. The two, which were always mistaken n for extra legs, are considered to be their appendages. These are termed as the pedipalps. Needless to say, the spiders may reach even to a maximum of six inches. If this is converted into cm, it can be 15. They can weigh for around 56 grams as well. That is another consideration. Their heads would always be on point. This is another interesting addition to their appearance.

Most of the said spiders are located in the deserts of Middle East. Do not get this wrong because some of them can also survive in Mexico and United States. All of these are based on studies conducted.

Krakatoa Facts – What are they about?

There is this small island group found in Sunda Strait. Typically, this is just in between that of Java and Sumatra. This is called Krakatau. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be a famous volcano among the many available out there. Tons of Krakatoa facts would say that the volcano got to submerge in the caldera with only the presence of three islands out. This goes with a unique and new cone actually. The same is also true with the rim. Ever since, it has been in the midst of forming. This happened to the new island since that of the year 1927. Since then, it is active like that.

There was a time when Krakatau exploded. The eruption, the most devastating one as they might say, this occurred in the year 1883. This was responsible for actually killing 30,000 people in the place. This came about not from the eruption directly, but the tsunami that it causes. There is actually a series of it. Because there is really a massive effect, the said eruption turned out to be global news. This was even spread through telegram. These were used to be the lines that connect lots of people. This is just one of the many effects it had brought about. There is like a ton of it that up until now, the aftermath is still realized.

The said volcano lies somewhere in the Pacific basin. There are like tectonic plates here which are about to meet all at the same time. These mentioned plates are namely the Eurasian and the Indo-Australian. Both of these usually collide that is why they can result a volcanic activity so much. The area is considered to be the Ring of Fire. This is what the geologists call it. Throughout the history, Krakatoa has erupted for so many times. That is for sure and it has been tested. The place it holds in the record is basically because of the massive explosions it has gone through in series. It happened two days in August 26 and 27, 1883.

krakatoa-nightshot-with-anak-krakatu039s-euption-in-2010.jpg (800×533)

Krakatau is actually an Indonesian name.  This was the result of a typing error. Regardless though, its name will never be forgotten.

The said 1883 eruption really implied a lot. This was responsible for the occurrence of pyroclastic flows. These flows even travelled and affected other ocean surface nearby. During the time of the hurricane force winds, it came along with super=heated gases and even rocks which was responsible in burning lots of people. These are the ones living on the islands nearby. These flows are also responsible for the tsunamis. Most sand ships were then destroyed. There were villages that time on the perceived shores and they also felt the eruption.

Before the year 1883, there were still three other volcanoes making the island of Krakatoa which have not erupted yet. This happened for a span of 200 years. The eruptions of gas and steam started in the spring of 1883. These delighted the passing of villagers and ships that are just living on the said region.

10 Largest Cat Breeds – These Felines Will Steal Your Heart in a BIG Way!   

10 Largest Cat Breeds – These Felines Will Steal Your Heart in a BIG Way

One of the reasons people give for preferring cats over dogs is their size. For people who live in cramped apartments, having a dog is just not practical. Cats are more suited for apartment life because they are relatively small and even though some like to sleep on your lap, the weight does not really bother you and may in fact be very relaxing for both cat and person.

However, for every generalization there are always exceptions. Not all cats are lightweight. The following list will show you the ten largest cat breeds. If you like your cats small and dainty, the following breeds go the other end of the spectrum. These are the heavyweights.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one hefty feline. Tipping the scales at 15 to 25 pounds, the Maine coon is a giant among domestic cat breeds. Its origin is the state of Maine in the US and is in fact the official state cat. Aptly nicknamed the gentle giant, this breed is known for its playful and sociable personality and intelligence. Its silky fluffy coat, long and bushy tail, and cute face are just some of the reasons we love the Maine Coon!

British Shorthair

British Shorthair

This beautiful cat is one of the largest shorthair breeds weighing in at around 15 to 22 pounds. The most common color is the British Blue but there are other colors like seal point, white and fawn, and even calico. Its distinctive feature is the plush fur, sort of a thick carpet that you just want to keep touching again and again! Personality-wise, these cats are very easygoing and not as active as other breeds so obesity is a problem if diet is not controlled. They do well with other pets and also children but don’t like roughhousing and typically will not enjoy being picked up. Grooming is also a breeze because of the short hair. All in all, the British shorthair is a very good breed for a family who enjoys quiet evenings just hanging out in the living room with a heavy cat on their laps.



Weighing in at 15 to 20 pounds, this is one ragdoll kids would have a hard time carrying around in their arms! The breed was named so not because it is very light but because it goes limp and relaxed when picked up. The Ragdoll is a semi-longhair cat with beautiful blue eyes and a characteristic colorpoint coat. It is very docile and gentle and is known as a dog-like cat because of its tendency to follow people around, tolerance to physical handling, and relative lack of aggression toward other animals.



What an interesting name for a cat breed! The ragamuffin is actually a variant of the ragdoll and in fact shares almost the same temperament as the latter. It was not recognized as a separate breed from the ragdoll by the Cat Fanciers’ Association until 2003. It is strongly built feline that takes three to five years to reach full maturity. It can weigh 10 to 15 in females and 15 to 20 in males.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

This sturdy feline tips the scales at 15 to 20 pounds. It has a very interesting name and an equally interesting history to go with it. Some believe its ancestors were brought by the Vikings to serve as mousers on their ships. They then bred with local cats in Norway, producing the modern-day Norwegian forest cat we know today. Norse legends also speak of the skogkatt, a fairy cat that dwells in the mountain cat that has the ability to climb sheer rock faces. What other cat can claim such a colorful backstory! Like its ancestor, this breed is very adept at climbing because of its strong claws. It is adapted to the harsh winter because of its glossy, long, waterproof top coat and dense under coat for insulation. It has long legs and bushy tail. This cat loves the outdoors with a lot of energy to cope with the challenges that go with it. It can be very demanding of attention but is generally friendly and good with people.



The Siberian is closely related to the Norwegian forest cat. Male cats may weigh at 10 to 20 pounds. This is a very athletic cat and has the build to prove it. Its strong hindquarters, large paws, and barreled chest prove this cat definitely lives up to its origin. What makes this cat extra-special though is the fact that its fur is said to be hypoallergenic. Allergic people who love cats can now have an opportunity to adopt a cat without the added “perks” of nonstop sneezing and watering eyes.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair weighs in at 12 to 15 pounds for males and 8 to 12 for females. It is powerfully built but is not very athletic, preferring to watch birds and other animals instead of catching them. It is quite content to sit on the window and observe or just sit on your lap.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail tips the scales at 12 to 16 pounds. It may not be as big as the former breeds on this list but is nevertheless not to be ignored. It still carries some heft from the full and broad chest, stocky build, to its large tufty paws. Its most interesting feature of course is the short tail. The cats in this breed have different tail lengths but averages at 4 inches. Personality-wise, American Bobtails  are very playful and social creatures and have a talent for escaping rooms and cages. I guess it likes the wild outdoors more.



The Chausie weighs 10- to 2 pounds. The breed was developed by crossing a domestic cat with a jungle cat. The result is the Chausie we know today. They are the otters of the cat world for their playful, friendly nature. They don’t like being alone and do best if they have other cats or even dogs around.

Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

This last breed is a veritable giant with a weight of 20 pounds. Also a crossbreed, it was developed by crossing a domestic cat with a serval, which is an African wild cat. Both the Chausie and Savannah cat are not recognized by CFA but are recognized by International Cat Association. Unlike the other breeds in this list, this breed is not stocky but is long and leggy and has a slender body. Its most attractive features are its spotted pattern and ocelli on the back of its ears.

Joy comes in many shapes and sizes. These cats are huge and heavy but so is the joy cat owners get from caring for these majestic creatures. If you are looking for a bundle of joy, try adopting a cat. Fur balls aside, cats can be very good companions. The size doesn’t matter, it’s the love you have for your pets that does.

Dracula NBC is Coming Back through Netflix: Here are 10 Things You Need to Know to be Excited About It.

Dracula NBC is Coming Back through Netflix

NBC’s Dracula was an adaptation of the popular novel Dracula, and was first aired in 2013. The British-American horror drama TV series was a remake of a story that has been told several times. However, despite having been told several times, the series still received an overwhelming support when it was first announced for TV release. Let us take a look at what happened with this Dracula NBC TV series and what exciting news is in store for all the viewers.

The TV series had an interesting premise.

The TV series had an interesting premise

Dracula was introduced in the TV adaptation as an American entrepreneur wanted to bring modern science in the Victorian society. However, in reality, he simply wanted to create havoc and destroy the people who ruined his life several centuries earlier. This would have been a perfect plan had he not found the woman who seemed to be the reincarnation of his dead wife. This has immediately gotten the attention of potential viewers and it has raked over 5 million viewers on its first episode.

The show saw a continued decline as the next episodes were released.

The show saw a continued decline as the next episodes were released

Despite the overwhelming number of viewers who watched the first episode of Dracula NBC, it didn’t push through as the season progressed. It continued with only over 3 million viewers up until only a little over 2 million viewers were left. This prompted NBC to not renew the show for a second season.

NBC was generally silent after announcing the show’s cancelation.

NBC was generally silent after announcing the show’s cancelation

After the announcement of the show’s cancelation, there was no further explanation on the part of NBC why they have to do it. Though the decline in the number of viewers prompted the cancelation, many people thought that it should have still been given the chance to take off. Sadly, it did not happen.

There were petitions to revive the show.

There were petitions to revive the show

After NBC released its 2014-2015 schedules without Dracula in it, there were tons of calls from viewers to bring the show back. Millions of fans took to the internet their feeling towards the decision. They even tried to make pleas to NBC to bring the show back. There were petitions signed via to encourage the management to revive the show, but it fell in deaf ears.

The lead star, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, starred in the show despite substance abuse problems.

The lead star, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, starred in the show despite substance abuse problems

Rhys Meyer was the top choice of Bob Greenblatt, the chairman for NBC Entertainment, to take on the lead role. It was decided upon despite concerns that the actor has been struggling with substance abuse. It was also rumored that he was required a sober companion to accompany him to the set. His salary was also said to be held up until the first 10 episodes were completed. Despite the alleged problem, Meyers still had an astounding performance throughout the show.

Netflix decided to pick up the series for a second season.

Netflix decided to pick up the series for a second season

In a surprising decision, Netflix announced that it would continue Dracula for at least a second season. According to the network’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, there show is of Netflix caliber. He believes that people around the world can’t get enough of it. Thus, there really is no reason for them to not pick up the show. Meyers has also gladly announced that the show is coming back for another season.

NBC declined to give comments regarding Netflix’s decision.

NBC declined to give comments regarding Netflix’s decision

Aside from picking up the show that was earlier dismissed by another network, Netflix also released a statement that was referred to as NBC “snubbing” their viewers. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that if the other network wanted to alienate their viewers, it is up to them. For Netflix, their main priority is to give their viewers what they wanted. If they wanted to have Dracula, then they will get it.

Rhys Meyer is co-producing the show.

Rhys Meyer is co-producing the show

It has been very evident that Meyer was disappointed when the show was canceled. He treated the show like his own baby, but the project did not push further. Thus, when the negotiations with Netflix finally succeeded, he was very glad to announce it. The announcement was done during the party thrown by actress Goldie Hawn in London. The new show is also featuring a strong Irish cast composed of Kati McGrath and Victoria Smurfit.

#NetflixSaveDracula became a worldwide trending topic.

NetflixSaveDracula became a worldwide trending topic

One of the reasons why Netflix decided to negotiate in bringing Dracula back to life was the overwhelming support by viewers over social media. With the #NetflixSaveDracula trending, it is evident that the show had a very strong fan base. Since Netflix is known for saving shows that were canceled by other TV giants, people are expecting that it can do the same for Dracula. Among the shows Netflix saved were Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, House of Cards and Arrested Development.

Netflix has a steady support for movies with vampire themes.

Netflix has a steady support for movies with vampire themes

One of the reasons why Netflix said that its viewers would love Dracula is because it has a steady support for releasing films with a vampire theme. Among the most popular films that you can see on Netflix, are The Hunger (1983), 30 Days of Night (2007), Interview with the Vampire (1994), and Let the Right One In (2008). Netflix seems to understand what their viewers want and give whatever it is that they clamor.

Now that Dracula NBC is certainly going back on Netflix, fans from around the world can look forward to its release. This time, it should have a massive support if we want to see it for a third season or more.

These 10 Eerie Details about the Abandoned Linda Vista Hospital Will Scare the Hell out of You!

These 10 Eerie Details about the Abandoned Linda Vista Hospital Will Scare the Hell out of You

In the early 1900s, Linda Vista Hospital was opened to provide health services to railroad employees in Los Angeles, California. It was originally called Santa Fe Railroad Hospital and was built at the Boyle Heights neighborhood. For several years, it continued its operations smoothly up until it started to see a decline in the number of patients. This eventually led to the closure of the hospital. Several years later, it became known as a haunted area and a popular place for shooting horror films. Let us take a closer look at this hospital and some of its creepy details.

It used to be a self-sustaining hospital.

It used to be a self-sustaining hospital

We all know hospitals as a place where sick people are cured with the help of medicine and other treatments. Linda Vista Hospital was more than just a hospital in a sense that they ran a farm too. This was made to ensure that the patients get fresh milk, butter, eggs, vegetables and meat. They have their own poultry farm and garden. When the hospital opened in 1904, there was a fanfare. It also followed a Moorish-style building design and was eventually rebuilt with a more Mission revival Style structure. All these things suggest that no one really saw that the hospital would have an unfortunate ending.

The hospital started its decline in the 1970s.

The hospital started its decline in the 1970s

After several decades of operation, the hospital started to see a decline in the number of patients. Most railroad workers started to use conventional medical insurance policies. The area where the hospital was built also started to become poorer and more affluent people started moving out. This has eventually affected the funding of the hospital. With money starting to come out of the hospital, its services started to decline as well.

Linda Vista Hospital was accused of poor health care services due to lack of funding.

Linda Vista Hospital was accused of poor health care services due to lack of funding

Since the hospital started experiencing money related problems, they couldn’t afford to provide the patients the same quality service they used to give. As a result, the started to reduce operational expenses just to make ends meet. Eventually, the hospital was blamed for increase in death rates within their facilities. It was an unfair accusation since they were treating a lot of patients with gunshots and stabbings at that time, and the seriousness of their cases would have ended in death anyway. Nevertheless, it scared people away and in 1989, the hospital was forced to close its emergency services department. By 1991, the hospital was shut down.

The abandoned hospital became a center for paranormal investigations.

The abandoned hospital became a center for paranormal investigations

When hospital employees left Linda Vista, nothing was left except for some medical equipment and records. Since the place saw a lot of deaths in the past, it did not take time before paranormal investigators came in to see if there were paranormal activities happening. In fact, Ghost Adventures’ crew stayed an entire night at the hospital for an investigation.

The hospital became a favorite location for several films and music videos.

The hospital became a favorite location for several films and music videos

Not so long after the hospital was abandoned, filmmakers rushed to the place to shoot horror movies. Among the most popular movies shot at Linda Vista Hospital are Insidious Chapter 2 (2013), Rift (2012), The Young Blood Chronicles (2014), LA Slasher (2015), and the Scribbler (2014). Music videos were also filmed in this location. This includes Assfist by Iris, Just One Yesterday and Alone Together by The Fall Out Boy, and Poisoning the Steps of Babel by The Dawn of Ashes. Other notable TV shows with an episode filmed in this location are Charmed, True Blood, Criminal Minds and Bachelor Pad.

The most eerie part of the hospital is the downstairs room.

The most eerie part of the hospital is the downstairs room

The entire hospital itself will freak you out at first glance. However, if you go down the dimly lit downstairs room, you will be scared even more as thousands of personal files containing the death records of former patients are kept. These files have collected dust when the hospital was abandoned, but the information is still intact. You can only imagine what gory details are contained in those documents.

Linda Vista Hospital is reopening as a senior housing facility.

Linda Vista Hospital is reopening as a senior housing facility

It might not take much time before Linda Vista Hospital becomes a housing facility. It was in 2011 when plans of reopening the place started. The 4.2-acre Linda Vista Hospital was purchased by AMCAL Multi-Housing Inc. They decided to renovate the main hospital including the nurses’ dormitory and turn them into a senior housing facility. The place can provide up to 97 apartments for old people plus a medical facility. The affordable housing facility will only be offered to adults over 55 years old. However, they have made it clear that those who live at the Boyle Heights area will not be the priority, but will have a good chance of getting one should they decide to apply early and meet all the requirements.

There are plans to provide more for the prospective tenants.

There are plans to provide more for the prospective tenants

In order to attract more people to buy a room at the new senior housing facility, there are other activities being offered such as job training, social activities, health and wellness programs, and financial literacy programs. Older people with an annual income of $16,000 to $25,000 are eligible to buy a unit. The reconstruction of the place faced tough challenges though, as it is considered a historic building. It needs to be renovated without destroying the integrity of the area.

New plans for the hospital sparked controversies.

New plans for the hospital sparked controversies

Despite the good intention of the new owners of the place, it has still stirred some controversies when it was learned that old people are now placed on a haunted house. It was deemed cruel and inhumane. Although they are given a more affordable rate, it is still deemed inappropriate by many. Nevertheless, the original plan continued. In fact, the second phase of the construction if expected to be ready by 2015.

The new tenants of the senior facility continue experiencing strange things.

The new tenants of the senior facility continue experiencing strange things

Despite the new look of the place, it can’t be denied that it used to be a place where a lot of people died. It was also abandoned for years. This is why it no longer comes as a surprise if people who currently live there start talking about strange things happening. Some people told stories about a scrub sink that is operated using a foot suddenly operates independently. There were others who talked about seeing green lights coming from the windows. Others just have negative vibes when they are around certain areas in the old hospital.

Now that this old Linda Vista Hospital was turned into a housing facility, we can no longer see the marks of a place that used to be a haunted house. However, the place has already been immortalized in several movies and it will continue to haunt us forever.

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