Fat Burning Fingerprint Review: An unbiased review on its promises to weight loss

I must say that this weight loss product looks a lot similar to other health scammer because of its presentation. So sit back and read thru our Fat Burning Fingerprint review and know all the things you need to know before you purchase it.


Before it is known as such, it was formerly known as 3 Week Fat Blast Diet. It promises to provide you the information that the diet and health industry does not want you to have access on. It also claims that you will be able to lose at least 15 pounds in just 3 weeks.

One user, named Eric, testified that he did lost 58 pounds after finishing the entire program. Sounds pretty impressive right? Well, let’s go and dig deeper into this program before you rush over and buy it.

Gary Watson: Leader in Total Body Transformation

Gary Watson graduated in University of Illinois in 1992 with a degree in Kinesiology (study of body movements). He also attended graduate courses in exercise and aging and contributes to Performance Nutrition.

He started his career as a personal trainer at the East Bank Club. He was then certified as Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 1992.

In 1995, he founded the Gary Watson Training System and gained a lot of clients from then on. He specializes in burning fat, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition and weight management.

As a number 1 selling author, Gary is motivated to transform bodies in the next 10 years and empowering each individual to gain control over their health and fitness.

So how does this program work?

Early in the program, Gary mentioned that not all results are similar since each one of us is unique. Furthermore, he identified three metabolism types are responsible for the effectiveness of diets and exercises.

Fast oxidative dominant

Individuals with this kind of metabolism can burn a larger amount of calories in a short span of time. They tend to end too much and gain a little weight. Despite this fact, these people are more prone to stress which will lead to belly fat.

Slow-oxidative dominant

This people are directly opposite to fast-oxidative people. Since they have low amount of thyroid and adrenal hormone, they often feel depressed and crave to eating a lot of sweets.

Medium dominant

This people lie in between of the first two. Fat Burning diet helps you identify your metabolism rate and gives you options on how to eat based on your metabolism type. It also provides your body the “intellectual eating window” which tells you when and what to eat.

In this program, you will be enlightened with ways on how to enjoy your favorite meals while feeling and looking good. This will not only help you lose body fat but rather help you achieve a healthy you internally.

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Fat Burning Fingerprint provides dozen of simple, tasty and nutritious plans that are made to help you lose weight. It enables you to eat your favorite meals in a strategic way so you won’t have to feel guilty about your “cheat day”.

Also, once you purchase this program for $37, you’ll receive 3 special bonuses – The Fast track guide, 7 Super Fat Burning Hormones and The Bermuda Triangle foods. Promising!

Gary heavily emphasizes that each one of us should follow a unique weight loss program. He claims that the reason why no fingerprint looks identical is the same reason why every individual should have a different weight loss method with the other.

Going further on this Fat Burning Fingerprint Review, you will be learning a lot more.


  • Author is a certified health and fitness guru
  • All testimonials are legit and not stolen
  • The program is supported with a solid scientific explanation
  • No strict dieting!!! (This is what I love the most about it)
  • Positive health and overall well-being
  • It helps you reduce harmful toxins and free radicals in 71 hours
  • Money back guarantee!! If you are not satisfied with the results, you can get your money back, no questions asked

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So we already discussed the pros of the product. It will just be fair to look into its cons.

  • It is only available online. No hardcopy is available in any stores
  • Not for the lazy ones. Its effectiveness is highly dependent on your ability to commit
  • Scam like advertising
  • Lack of third party testimonies
  • Too much questions (which are by the way, helpful to identify your metabolism rate)

Final thoughts

I’d say… There are some Fat Burning Fingerprint reviews that claim that this program is a scam. Well, the ads inclusive on the program are quite irritating but mind you, this is one way for them to market other products that might be helpful for anyone. So that for me is just fair. No harm done.

Its effectiveness, once again, depends on the user. The more dedicated you are, the more effective the program is. If you think you can’t commit to a ritual, then don’t bother wasting $37 for this. Yes, that will just be a waste.

In a positive note, if this program will not help you to lose weight, it will still help you understand your body better. Cleansing your intestines because of the food selection presented for your body type will generally boost your immune system. See, it may not help you lose weight but it will make your body healthier.

Final verdict? A 4.8. I’m not a fan of weight loss products but if one product helps me to clean myself inside, then of course! I’ll go ahead and buy it! For $37 I can be healthier and better, so why not?

Ready to purchase?

Go ahead and visit the page! http://fatburningfingerprint.com