Total Restore by Gundry MD – The Answer to a Healthy Gut?

It was once said that, “All disease begins in the gut,” by the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates. The gut is our biggest immune system organ, and that is why having a healthy gut equalizes to having better immunity and is a contributing factor to overall good health and well-being. But what if our gut is damaged causing us to feel discomfort, mood issues, weight fluctuations and lethargy, etc. and we might not even know that the cause of these problems may come deep down into our digestive system?

Those are only some of the symptoms that come with a so called condition named “leaky gut syndrome” or “intestinal permeability”, where the linings in the gut are damaged and literally have holes called “leaks” that permit the entrance of toxins, microbes, and undigested food particles to the blood stream. This therefore causes a list of digestive complications such as bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, aches and pains or even skin conditions as the list goes on.

Hopefully, one way to cure and repair leaky gut is by taking supplements such as Total Restore by Gundry MD that helps heal this epidemic to the core.

This Total Restore Review will give you a better look and in depth view into this healing product and the wonders it may bring.

Gundry MD Total Restore: What is it all about?

We may not be aware of the dangers brought by Leaky Gut Syndrome as we are left to experience the array of health issues and distraught that come with it. Total Restore, a dietary supplement offered by the company Gundry MD made to heal the gut, is there to fix this problem by alleviating the symptoms brought by this condition; Thus improving the health of the digestive system by repairing and rejuvenating the linings of the gut preventing further leakage and trespass of unwanted toxins and particles.

Upon intake, symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, food cravings, irregular bowel movement, food sensitivities, cramps, gas and many other digestive issues caused by leaky gut are reduced and minimized. Amazing right? Well its healing power all comes down to the 16 “all-natural” substances that are combined to produce this cutting edge formula that are listed down below.

The main active super ingredients used are:

  • L-Glutamine. The “super gut hero” ingredient in this formula since it acts as primary source of fuel for the cellular linings in the gut, promoting the restoration and strengthening of the gut linings and thus improving the immune system. It is also said to help deal with food cravings, bring relief to the aches and pains brought by leaky gut and assist with weight loss.
  • 2N-acetyl D-glucosamine. it helps soothe joint pains and promote absorption of lectin that interrupt with the digestive system and its linings, preventing further damage.
  • 3Licorice root extract. Licorice is known for treating and soothing various digestive system problems such as ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, colic, gut inflammation including leaky gut. This root extract helps to speed up the restoration of the damaged stomach linings all thanks to its rich anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting property through the glycyrrhizic acid found in this compound.
  • 4PepZin GI™ or Zinc L-Carnosine (Pepsin Gl). This component is very helpful in relieving gastric ulcers, heartburn and help heal stomach lining irritation and inflammations, and overall restoring the health of the gut.

Other helpful minor components used are:

  • Magnesium
  • Berberine Bark Powder
  • Black Pepper Seeds Powder
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder
  • Cloves Buds Powder
  • Grape Seed Extract and Grapefruit Seeds Extract
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Maitake Mushroom Extract
  • Marshmallow Roots Powder
  • Organic Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Tart Cherry, Elderberry, and Cranberry (VitaBerry)
  • Wormwood Powder
  • Zinc

Advantages and Disadvantages

In this Total Restore Review, let’s also discuss the following pros and cons that come with Total Restore product

What’s there to like about Total Restore?

  • All natural and safe to consume (Artificial Sugar free)
  • Made in GMP Certified Facility and by trusted professional
  • Strengthens the health of one’s gut and overall health also
  • Boosts energy and better focus
  • Improves mood
  • Inhibits uncontrollable food cravings, also assisting with healthy body weight
  • Promotes good digestion and enhanced digestive system functionality
  • Relieves symptoms of Leaky gut: bloating, gas, irregular bowel movement and many other digestive issues
  • Prevents further leakage of the gut linings
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 30-day refund policies (including opened bottles) without having to pay restocking fees
  • Reputable and has gained many positive feedbacks from users

What are the downsides of Total Restore?

  • Prices are high
  • There is no offline availability
  • May not be effective for everyone as it is not a “one size fits all” kind of product
  • Possibility of side effects that may be experienced
  • It may take 2-3 weeks for drastic effects to be seen

More details about the product:

  • Total restore was developed by a trusted professional specialist, Dr. Steven Gundry, a pediatric heart surgeon and author of several known books about health and nutrition.
  • 3 capsules of this supplement should be taken per day. It can be ingested all at once with the biggest meal of the day, or one capsule with every meal.
  • Pricing: One jar = $49.95 (30 Day Supply)

Three jars = $134.85 (90 Day Supply)

Six jars = $254.7 (180 Day Supply)

  • It is not a substitute for prescription medication
  • Consulting a physician before taking this supplement is recommended especially if one has specific medical conditions

Final words about Total Restore

Leaky gut is a problem that should not be taken lightly, that is why products like Total Restore are here to solve this enigma of leaky gut. One cannot underestimate the wonders that this product can bring to our guts and our health. That is why this ultimate product and its creators deserve the commendation of this Total Restore Review for such a great job well done.