The Faith Diet Review – Should you have faith in The Faith Diet Program?

Another author promises an easy way to weight loss by managing the food you take. It says that this program will let you shed some unnecessary weight by eating 12 ingredients that were mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Anyone dare to contradict the Bible? Well, I won’t. But I’d love to review this product with you.

What is The Faith Diet?

As mentioned above, The Faith Diet is a system that promises weight loss thru the guide of the Holy Bible. Simon White, a father at a church, claims that there are 12 ingredients written in the Bible that is capable of melting fats. He mentioned that he himself experienced challenges because of extra weight and fat.

The 12 Biblical ingredients were founded from the Dead Sea, Red Sea and Sea of Galilee on March 2018. Father Simon or Christopher Simon or Simon White or Father White (too many pseudonyms huh?) even mentioned that if people will know about the secret ingredients, 95% of physicians will be out of the business!

Also, the author mentioned that by following the regimen will help you detoxify. By eating these ingredients, your body will not crave for unhealthy foods. It also makes you feel as if the Holy Spirit is guiding you towards choosing the right type of foods.

To add to the complete information about nutrition, the guide also provides tips about working out. It claims that this system is a complete health guide.

Well there are pretty much more deceiving facts mentioned on this program. We will talk about that later on this review.

Is Father White real?

First and foremost, he does not exist!! Once you buy this product, you will see a man in a priest collar saying that he is Father White. Just please, don’t believe him. He is no priest!

The photo presented on this program was a stolen photo of a Catholic priest named Bill Hill. The pictures of his wife and kids were also fake! You might want to check and you can actually buy the picture of his wife on it. Creative right?

Going back, this man you will see on the video is just some paid actor. He reads a script, does his job and gets paid!

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Things that you’ll get from The Faith Diet

Okay. Considering that you buy this product, what’s in it for you?

  • It explains how to remove unwanted fats in your trouble spots
  • It provides an all natural way to lose fat
  • Promotes “Eat more fat” which mean you have to increase your daily intake of healthy fats
  • It employs a biblical concept which might make you feel a little closer to God
  • Provides varied list of foods that are fit for your goals
  • Tips on separating good fat from the bas ones
  • Gives what to eat and when to eat a specific food
  • Provides a toning ab exercise that you can do for just a few minutes

They claim that this system has advantages. Are they true?

Let’s go ahead and list down the advantages as this system mentioned.

  • The program offers a 60 day money back guarantee
  • It helps you eliminate extra fat in a natural way
  • It does not pressure users unlike other weight loss programs
  • It boosts energy
  • Offers a complete health package
  • Reactivates fat burning cells
  • It can fit your busy schedule
  • Simple to follow
  • It comes with 4 bonuses: The Guardian Angel: Fat Burning Encyclopedia, The Lazarus Discovery: Fat Healing System, The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide and What would Christ eat? The Food Shopping Gospel

These advantages may be true in some form but it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. I guess everyone is aware that eliminating processed food from your daily menu will help you lessen toxins inside your body and later on make you lose weight. That is no secret.

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What are the disadvantages?

A lot I guess. This e-book insults the knowledge of each Christian there is. It is made of lies and deception.

Fake author

Would you trust an author who does not exist? Would you trust someone who can’t man up and face the accusations? If you ask me, my answer is definitely NO.

Fake testimonials

These testimonials are the same testimonials from 60 day Fix, another scam weight loss product. Most of the pictures were stolen from different website just like the stolen pictures of so called Father White’s wife and kids.

Final Thoughts

Well, this one is quite tough. I have read a couple of The Faith Diet reviews that say that this regimen is highly effective. You will surely learn a lot of things about fat burning in this e-book but hey, a lot of weight loss program says that as well.

But in my point of view, I would never give up $37 for this program. Nope! Not even with a money back guarantee.

The author of the e-book is not even real. So what is my guarantee that this program will work? Yeah sure, there are pictures and videos about him but I never saw his biography. All I know is that he is a priest and a military chaplain.

Sure. Their approach towards the diet is interesting. Who doesn’t want a secret revealed to them. But once you purchase the program for $37, you’ll only find out that the secret was pretty elementary – eliminate processed food.

So I say this product is a scam. From the author to its promise, it is definitely a scam. I do not recommend you guys to purchase this program since this is just a waste of money.

Remember that there are other weight loss programs that have proven their effectiveness over a long period of time. Those programs have real authors who are very much willing to show up and prove their system works.