What Are The Top Computer Programming Schools In The US?

If you are planning to take a computer course that can bring you to the top of the industry, it is important to find the top computer programming schools.  This is very advantageous because the experience that the school can bring you will be helpful in your future career.  Through these computer programming schools, you will be able to learn various subjects including design, testing, debugging, source codes and many others.  Computer languages such as C++ and Java are taught in these schools.

There are different trainings offered on computer schools applicable for people who want to refresh their knowledge and skills in computer programming and design.  The best programming schools also offer courses in computer science and software engineering degrees.  These schools are open for students who are at the undergraduate and graduate level to encourage further studies and ensure that the future in the information technology will benefit greatly the people in the world of the computer age.

Among the five programming schools that offer computer programming training is listed below:

1.       Carnegie Mellon University

top computer programming schools

This university is considered to be the best programming school in the country.  Aside from the course of Computer Science, the school also offers graduate level programs in MSc and PhD.

2.      Stanford University

top computer programming schools

Stanford University is known in the whole world not only for the CS program offered in the school but also because it is one of the best institutions in the general sense.  The Computer Science program at this institution is under the School of Engineering.  Like the Carnegie Mellon University, this school also offers graduate level programs in MSc and PhD.

3.      University of California – Berkeley

top computer programming schools

This school is not only known in the country but also all around the world.  The CS program is offered through the College of Engineering, Computer Science Department and the CS Division.  The school also offers a BS in CS, Engineering and double majors.  The good thing about this school is they also offer a BA program in CS.  For the graduate level program, the school offers MSc, MEng and PhD.

4.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology

top computer programming schools

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also known as MIT and they offer CS programs under the Department of EE and Computer Science.  This school is ranked the 3rd best programming schools in the world.  This school offers a BS in CS for the undergraduate and MSc, MEng, Phd and ScD for the graduate level.  There is also an integrated program for the BS and MEng program that offers fast track computer programming.

5.      University of Texas – Austin

top computer programming schools

This university offers programs for both undergraduate and graduate level.  Aside from the undergraduate program of BS, this school also offers an integrated program for BS/MSc.  They also offer graduate level programs for MSc and PhD and until now, the school remains on the top ten programming schools in the country.

Now that you learn the top computer programming schools, make sure that you do your best to qualify and get into their CS programs for both undergraduate and graduate levels and have a bright future ahead of you.