The Red Tea Detox Program Review – Do yourself a favor. Don’t be fooled by this scam!

Before I start my Red Tea Detox Program Review I would like to first tell you how Liz Swann Miller came up with the idea of making this program.

According to her story which as set in Africa, through her stay in the country there is this one incident when she encountered a rattle snake and was bitten by it. Thankfully she was found by a person whom she explained looked like a Shaman. The Shaman offered her this red liquid which she suspected as the one that healed her. Because with continuous intake of the liquid she noticed herself feeling better and energize than ever.

You see, I haven’t really read the entirety of her story; this is just me reading other people’s review of The Red Tea Detox Program’s origin. According to those articles that I have read, upon being bitten by the rattlesnake Liz Swann Miller fell unconscious.

Which made me skeptical about her story, because according to some articles, being bitten by a rattlesnake won’t make you faint that fast, though the only plausible thing why she fainted was because of shock.

And even if she did faint right after she was bitten, the chances of being seen by some random person, in the middle of nowhere before the venom spreads to your body and kills you is way too lucky.

In addition, through further research I was able to read this other article which tells the story of how Liz was able to attain the knowledge of the Red Tea. But this time, instead of being bitten by a rattlesnake she learned the benefits of Red Tea Detox through a college exchange student from Africa.

Wait, what?!

We are reading the same book, written by the same person here, right?

Even if you say that the writers of these two different articles are not the same person so they can’t give out the same story, it still doesn’t make sense to have two entirely different points of view. Because they are readers of the same book written by the same author, with the same contents. The story cannot just change from being bitten by a snake to receiving the knowledge from a college exchange student from Africa.

So am I accusing the writers of articles here? No I do not, what I am being dubious about is the writer of the book itself, because where else will these writers get this kind of information? Of course through Liz Swann Miller. Unless she remains constant with her story I’ll keep in mind to take a step back with her business just to be sure.

So right before starting my Red Tea Detox Program review I’m already kind of in doubt about this, but since I’ve been hearing praises of people joining in the detox diet which became a popular type of diet recently because of the number of benefits it offers, made me go and take a shot to see if this program is worth the try.

After all tea is tea, and we all know how beneficial it is to our body, it’s a known superfood that will shower you with incredible results. So let’s get started with the review.

The Benefits of Red Tea Detox Program

The program created by Liz Swann, have the usual benefits you can get in undergoing a detox diet like flushing out toxins and so on. But then when it comes to the package that you can get, the following are the benefits Red Tea Detox Program promises:

  • The meal plan is easy to follow.
  • Ingredients for Red Tea Detox Program are easily accessible and offer a variety of substitute.
  • The program even includes a set of exercises to go with your meal diet
  • It doesn’t focus only on getting off your extra fat, it also tries to boost your health and immunity.
  • Claims to have a 60-day money back guarantee.

 A way to a Slimmer Waist – How Does It Work?

  • 1st Some studies claimed that weight gain was related with high stress levels. And the first ingredient, targets that problem, it helps reduce stress and burn fat cells.
  • 2nd Now that your fat is slowly being burnt down by the 1st ingredient of Red Tea Detox program, hunger will surely rise. That’s why the second ingredient closes that gap and makes you feel full, and helps break down food.
  • 3rd As the promises declared by the program, not only does it wish you to lose weight, but it also aims to improve your overall health. Because the third ingredient not only contributes in boosting metabolism it also regulates blood circulation of the body.
  • 4th It improves excretion of fat, digestion and urination.
  • 5th Improves your body’s insulin level and helps your body process carbs.

Where to buy red tea detox program, and get a healthy body

Red Tea Detox can be bought online through Red Tea Detox Program’s website. The program’s price is originally $37 dollars but with their undergoing promo you can get a $20 discount of Red Tea Detox. Now you can avail of Red Tea Detox for $17 only.

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But Wait! Red Tea Detox Reported as Scam?!

Before I close down my review I just want to share a quick trivia I got by researching for information surrounding this program, and that is finding an article reportedly stating that Red Tea Detox is a scam.

The person behind the said article did a background check about Liz Swann Miller and found out that the face of the author is false!

The writer links the collection of pictures taken from shutterstock, and indeed it is present in there. A multitude of pictures of ‘Liz Swann Miller’ were used in her social media accounts.

Not only was her story all over the place, the author itself is also nonexistent. I don’t know about you but a person that is lying about her very being and trying to sell you a product through a pretense of personality, is something that I see as a sign of a red flag.

The Final Verdict

And now for the moment of truth for The Red Tea Detox Program review.

Is it good or not?

Obviously not, wasting your money to a product in which its acclaimed manufacturer is non-existent, uses a false image, and declares herself as an expert in whatever field she claims, is not someone I would like to trust my money and time on.

Even if it promises a money back guarantee no questions ask, I just cannot believe it, seeing that the person who offers it is already lying about her very personality.

Now what I can suggest for you is, if you still wish to jump into the detox diet, search it on the Internet, look for credible sources and do yourself a favor of not being fooled by this scam.

And that brings an end to my review of Red Tea Detox Program. I hope that this article helped you one way or another

Until next time.

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