The Truth about Camel Spiders Fibers

 Camel spider may terrify people sometimes. It is described as a ferocious-looking, tan, large, and hairy spider that is always a part of most urban legends. The creature may be relatively large. However, do not take that as creepy because it will never be half the size of a person. Most of the camel spider facts available around the place would say that the spider has this habit of dining on most of the stomachs of camel. It ca n also do the same for soldiers sleeping.

These camel spiders belong to the family of arachnids. They cannot be seen though as plain spiders. They can be unique. This was stated by an entomologist in the name of Christy Bills. He has a collection of invertebrates. He is also working as the manager of the Utah Museum of Natural History. He also added that there are other people out there who assign the given spider with such fierce characteristic. This is the case because of the appearance it goes along with. However, there is no truth to that because the spiders cannot in any way, do some disembowel on most camels. This is contrary to common beliefs. They also cannot just jump whenever they want in the hair or even run after some humans if they want to. Once they are held captive, they can be a real diva. They will also require accommodations usually given to a princess in order to survive. This is for certain.

All of the spiders are considered arachnids. Do not get this wrong though because not all of these arachnids are spiders. That is the main difference of it. There is this other name in the form of wind scorpion. It goes in the same case. Even if it has that term, it can never be a scorpion. This camel spider is known to be the order of the Solifugae. This is the Latin word for anything that flies off the sun. This is information provided and given by the NSF or National Science Foundation. There are species of this, 150 of them  and this goes together with a thousand of solifuges species. This is stated by the IT IS or the Taxonomic Information System.

camel-spider-bite-size1.jpg (577×315)

When it comes to its appearance – the camel may come with ten legs. But then there are claims saying that they only have eight. The two, which were always mistaken n for extra legs, are considered to be their appendages. These are termed as the pedipalps. Needless to say, the spiders may reach even to a maximum of six inches. If this is converted into cm, it can be 15. They can weigh for around 56 grams as well. That is another consideration. Their heads would always be on point. This is another interesting addition to their appearance.

Most of the said spiders are located in the deserts of Middle East. Do not get this wrong because some of them can also survive in Mexico and United States. All of these are based on studies conducted.