Krakatoa Facts – What are they about?

There is this small island group found in Sunda Strait. Typically, this is just in between that of Java and Sumatra. This is called Krakatau. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be a famous volcano among the many available out there. Tons of Krakatoa facts would say that the volcano got to submerge in the caldera with only the presence of three islands out. This goes with a unique and new cone actually. The same is also true with the rim. Ever since, it has been in the midst of forming. This happened to the new island since that of the year 1927. Since then, it is active like that.

There was a time when Krakatau exploded. The eruption, the most devastating one as they might say, this occurred in the year 1883. This was responsible for actually killing 30,000 people in the place. This came about not from the eruption directly, but the tsunami that it causes. There is actually a series of it. Because there is really a massive effect, the said eruption turned out to be global news. This was even spread through telegram. These were used to be the lines that connect lots of people. This is just one of the many effects it had brought about. There is like a ton of it that up until now, the aftermath is still realized.

The said volcano lies somewhere in the Pacific basin. There are like tectonic plates here which are about to meet all at the same time. These mentioned plates are namely the Eurasian and the Indo-Australian. Both of these usually collide that is why they can result a volcanic activity so much. The area is considered to be the Ring of Fire. This is what the geologists call it. Throughout the history, Krakatoa has erupted for so many times. That is for sure and it has been tested. The place it holds in the record is basically because of the massive explosions it has gone through in series. It happened two days in August 26 and 27, 1883.

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Krakatau is actually an Indonesian name.  This was the result of a typing error. Regardless though, its name will never be forgotten.

The said 1883 eruption really implied a lot. This was responsible for the occurrence of pyroclastic flows. These flows even travelled and affected other ocean surface nearby. During the time of the hurricane force winds, it came along with super=heated gases and even rocks which was responsible in burning lots of people. These are the ones living on the islands nearby. These flows are also responsible for the tsunamis. Most sand ships were then destroyed. There were villages that time on the perceived shores and they also felt the eruption.

Before the year 1883, there were still three other volcanoes making the island of Krakatoa which have not erupted yet. This happened for a span of 200 years. The eruptions of gas and steam started in the spring of 1883. These delighted the passing of villagers and ships that are just living on the said region.