Back to Life: Erase my Back Pain by Emily Lark Detailed Review 2018

We all know how terrible it feels like to have some bodily discomfort, whether it is a mere itch or a sudden muscle cramp. However, one of the most common discomforts felt by both men and women of all ages is back pain. Everyone has experienced back pains once in a while and it can interfere with everyday life, because back muscles contain many pain receptors. I am sharing this Emily Lark’s Back to Life: Erase My Back Pain review so you could have an idea and see if this is just a scam or actually contains legit methods of removing back pains and lessening your discomfort.

Erase My Back Pain Product Details

Book Name: Back to Life: Erase My Back Pain

Author: Emily Lark

Price: Previously $87, it is now discounted at a price of $37!

Where to Buy:

Number of Books Included: e-book, audio, and videos

Refund: Money-back guarantee for 60 days

Bonus: 2 bonus e-books

An Overview

Although back pain is more usual for older people ages 40 to 80, it can still be felt by the younger generation, especially after a long day of work or school. The author, Emily Lark, is a professional fitness trainer and mentor and a yoga expert who suffered through years of back pains, especially that of sciatica and some of those she knew also has herniated disks. So her days used to be plagued with never-ending back pains despite drinking pain relievers and medications and visits to physical therapists and chiropractors.

Hence, after years of back pain, Emily Lark decided to take control of her health by conducting a research using her knowledge of the fitness world and yoga. She eventually put together this legit compilation of ways to completely get rid of back pains.

Providing her own testimonials about the effective results of the Back to Life: Erase my Back Pain through her own experience, you would obtain an e-book supported with videos and audios of a varied 10-minute every day routine you must practice for alleviating back pains that even results to toning of the entire body.

How does it work?

Back pain is a result of imbalances in the muscles in the back and when there is an imbalance, it creates pressure in the back that seems like a “tug-of-war” between the back-muscle system consisting of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the nerves, and even results to improper circulation. Hence, when the pressure reaches a breaking point, it results to terrible back pains that takes time to go. Emily Lark found that medications and therapy can only work temporarily if a person is not going to address the imbalance in the back-muscle system.

So through her own experience in designing workouts, she curated a 10-minute daily exercises you could perform to free yourself from back pains. Plus, you would get a list of the best food and ingredients to consume every day in order to restore balance in your back. For people suffering from very painful back pains, there are also ingredients you can use including herbs and plant extracts as a natural pain reliever. Most of the exercised also target core strength to slowly lessen the tension build-up in the back and eventually, completely remove back pain.

What are the contents of Back to Life: Erase My Back Pain?

This Back to Life: Erase My Back Pain review would focus on the core of the book of Emily Lark, summarizing the many information in three points:

10-minute routine:

The very basis of Emily Lark’s book, which provides the best benefits of performing particular exercise and yoga moves. And you would get the optimum result when instructions are followed properly. It aims to target the pressure in the spine and how the spinal nerves become a source of the majority of back pains. With proper spine alignment, you could avoid chronic muscle aches and completely get rid of cramping.

Complementary instructional videos:

Since it can be difficult to follow fitness moved and instructions when it’s merely written down, you would receive an accompanying video which would help you follow the exercises easily. You can also watch first for practice and then try again the second time.

Healthy Back Checklist e-book:

It has a daily list of all the activities and sometimes, even food and ingredients, you have to avoid in order to prevent more back pain. It also included all the tricks you need to know and follow to reverse the existing back damage you may already have. This e-book is targeted for people with chronic back and neck pains.

The book is truly rich in content and information. It could change your entire life if you are willing to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. It is best to remember that the body is composed of different systems, so you must take care of each system in order to have a properly functioning body. If you look after your overall health, it would be rare for you to develop chronic muscle pains.

The 2 Bonuses!

In addition to the already-detailed book of Emily Lark, you would still obtain 2 additional e-books!

Back to Life Yoga video for Bedtime Back Relief:

less than 10 minutes therapeutic routines you can follow before going to bed to lessen the back strain accumulated for the day.

Back to Life Guided Meditation Audio series:

due to Emily Lark’s expertise in yoga, she devised these relaxation techniques to relieve muscle pain and strain through meditative methods.

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  1. Comprehensive instructions and detailed videos that is easy to follow
  2. Complete list of daily meal plans, the ingredients to use, and the proper proportion you must eat per meal times.
  3. You only need to allot 10 minutes of your time every day, so it is best if you are busy and has a hectic schedule.
  4. It would not only alleviate back pain or other kinds of muscle pain, but also help in toning the body.


  1. It is only available online and digital copy, so if you want a physical copy, you might be disappointed in the format available.
  2. The exercises must feel rigorous for first-time followers of the methods.
  3. The result is not guaranteed, unless you completely follow the instructions given by the author, so the results still depends on your efforts.
  4. If you are experiencing severe pain, you cannot use this protocol as a substitute to medical care. You should still visit a doctor for best recommendations.


Since I know how difficult it is to suffer from back pain, especially the chronic ones, so merely seeing the benefits, many online testimonials, and effective results of this methods is already relieving. So if you suffer from back pains and still unable to find proper and permanent relief, it is worth to check this out and as you can read through my Back to Life: Erase My Back Pain review, the decision to acquire this protocol and methods is now yours to make!

Also, devoting just 10 minutes of you time every day for a especially prepared exercises by Emily Lark is better than spending money on pills that don’t even work or expensive therapy sessions that only offers temporary relief. Plus, you might get a really fit body you can be proud of by following the instructions and healthy meals.

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